5 Reasons to have Colorful Hair

by Hardika

Posted on December 21, 2019

Hello ladies,

I hope you’ll are doing well…..

Have you ever felt your hair is looking boring and dull? Have you felt the urge to colour your hair just like the girl next door whose hair you admire? Well here I am with another blog to let you know that I can easily identify with your feelings.

So how about a new look for the NEW YEAR 2020, NEW hair colour, NEW You.

Why I never color my hair?

At the time, when I was about to join college I had this urge to do something offbeat, so I thought to color my hair blonde. I went for an ombre look. I was so happy my new look, that I could flaunt everyday. But within a few months it started fading to a dull orange. So I decided to dye my hair a dark blonde.

I had no idea that my hair would get so dry and damaged after coloring it for the second time. I was feeling miserable. So I thought I would never colour my hair again and I started taking good care of my hair.

But I craved to have colored hair because it complimented my facial features and made me feel trendy.

And finally after a lot of online searching, I got a super alternative…

Clip-on coloured hair strand extensions!!!!! ( A perfect Alternative ) This helped me achieve the perfect look that I wanted with no damage.

I can give you ladies 5 Reasons to have colourful hair without any damage ….


Want to impress someone? Want to “STRAND OUT” in a crowd ?You should definitely add some color to your hair to get a new look. I know a lot many of you would stress the waythat color would harm your hair so we have an answer…. HAPPIE HAIR- Clip on COLORED STRAND EXTENSIONS! No fading colour anymore. You can easily clip them in your hair and change your hair game

#2.You will get COMPLIMENT’s left, right and centre.

I am pretty sure people are going to compliment you once you have colored hair. Whenever I used to get my hair colored I always got a compliment.

A simple comment “ I love your hair “ goes far to make me feel confident about myself for sure.

#3. Match your Hair & Clothes.

If you are a person who loves to wear oversized or floppy Tees & Flared jeans you should undoubtedly add colour to your hair as it will add attitude to your look.

#4. Easiest way to get a NEW LOOK

If you are someone like me who wants new look every season and can't settle with one hairstyle or color, Ladiessss go for coloured hair extensions.


#5. Never have a COLOUR DISASTER again!

I have seen people crying after getting a bad hair color. What they tend to do after that is recoloring their hair to their original color… Lots of damage right? And lots of heartbreak and expenses too. Again we are at your rescue.

Happie Hair- 1 vs Hair color- 0

Be confident, Be you. Hakuna Matata!

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Yours truly,