It's All About Blending

by Nikki

Posted on June 14, 2018

Hello happie ladies…


This is my first blog, so let me tell you something about myself . Having 7 years of experience in hair industry after getting trained from a renowned celebrity hairstylist Hakim Aalim, I have recently joined Happie Hair. Here I met Vrinda Prabhu the founder of Happie Hair.She’s an amazing person to work with . Happie hair is about hair extensions. “Hair extensions”- it's the future…. Trust me ….. it's amazing . Hair thinning is a global problem and this is the best and quick solution to it . It doesn't have any side-effects as any other treatments , it's not time consuming and doesn't even cost a bomb as compared to other treatments.

Happie Hair?

Here we provide you with the best quality of natural human hair extensions . We even customise it accordingly by giving a required haircut and colour as this adds on value to your extensions.

Blending it into your hair ?

First thing to keep in mind when you buy an extension. Are you buying it for length or volume . At the same time it has to match your hair colour . Secondly it has to blend-in into your hair. It means to get a haircut done with the extension on, that helps it to look more natural and a part of your hair .

The key to make extensions look natural is a haircut and colour. So ladies keep that in mind when you buy one for yourself…..!!!!!