Get Styled For College!

by Nikki

Posted on July 24, 2018


This is Nikki …the creative head at Happie Hair. Its July and its time to up your fashion quotient and get ready to put your best foot forward as colleges will have reopened.

In this blog I will give you some super tips on how to do just that

1. Be Bold. Use Ombre hair extensions. Braid your hair into a messy plait or leave it loose, ombre hair will get you envious looks from the girls and well the boys will go weak in their knees.

2. Add some colour to your hair. Single neon colour strands add that instant dash of Attitude.
It's always fun to colour your hair to funky shades but I am sure your mamma will not be impressed. So it's a good news for them !!!! you have an option of wearing coloured strands and create your own look . You can use just 1 strand if you are conservative or if you can carry it … off Course use as many strands as you want….be creative with multiple colours, mix and match

3. That’s not all…there’s tinsel hair to make heads turn. It goes for all occasions like freshers party, socials, college fests, disc, brunch etc…a little glitter never hurts anyone.

Keep your moms happy too…coz you are not damaging your hair in any way….mom khush toh baccha khush…

Ciao…..keep smiling …keep styling…