by Vrinda

Posted on April 24, 2019

Hello Ladies,

Hair extensions are the new black, and they are here to stay. There are numerous benefits to investing in hair extensions, but the most enticing of them all is the fact that they make it possible to experiment with a wide range of hairstyles. There is something about being able to change your look on the daily, and tastefully so, that is simply irresistible.

Once you invest in the perfect set of hair extensions, there are tons of tricks you could pull off to achieve gorgeous results. For starters, try these extremely simple hacks to wear and style your hair extensions effectively:

1. Hide the hair jutting out at the nape of your neck by twisting the bottom layer of your hair into a braid:

This is particularly useful for those who are not already blessed with long hair. In order to ensure that the extension blends in perfectly with your natural hair, eliminate the shorter hair peeping out near the nape of the neck from under the extension by braiding them. Then, twist the braid up and plaster it vertically against your scalp with bobby pins. Affix the bottom-most weft to the patch where you have pinned the braid and continue attaching your hair extensions from that spot.

2. Enhance your layers by clipping the extensions on diagonally:

This hack is a life-saver for people with layered hair. It can seem challenging to incorporate your hair extensions into your layers. However, it is in fact quite uncomplicated, and the final look is flirty and casually chic. All you have to do is clip the extensions onto your scalp in a diagonal line. This creates faux layers such that the final look has a high to low effect that frames your face.

3. Backcombing your roots has an adhesive effect and keeps the wefts in place:

Those who struggle with fine, thinning hair need to pay close attention to this tip. To help the extensions have better hold on your scalp, first separate that section of your hair onto which you will be fastening the weft. From this section, along the partition, backcomb your hair with a teasing brush and apply some dry shampoo to texturize the roots and to boost their holding capacity. You will find that the extension clips on more snugly with this trick.

4. Stacking extensions helps to add volume to smaller heads:

Finding it difficult to fasten all your extensions onto your scalp? Get voluminous hair by stacking your extensions in duos to create bigger wefts to make your head fuller instantly. An added benefit to doing this is that it quickens the fastening process. Stacking more than two wefts together is not a wise idea as the wefts may get too heavy or weigh down and tug at your scalp.

5. Invert your extensions and then clip them on when going for the ample ponytail look:

Extensions can be great for creating ponytail updos, but you have to be careful to prevent bumps from arising where the wefts are clipped in. Hence, when twisting your extensions into a ponytail or other similar updos, clip the wefts on upside down to let them stay flat against the scalp when you tie the extension up.

Do not forget to try the above the next time you decide to sport your extensions. Why? They are easy-peasy hacks that guarantee a breezy, trendy look, that’s why.

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