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Posted on May 06, 2019

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Struggling with hair loss blues? This will help.

The term “Alopecia” refers to a medical condition that leads to loss of body hair, either on specific parts or on the entire body. Quite evidently, it can be a harrowing ordeal to tackle. We are extremely habituated to looking at our faces in the mirror and being greeted with a standard image consisting of the eyes, nose, lips, and lastly, but perhaps the most conspicuously, hair. For Alopecia patients, it can be awfully shocking to lose their beloved hair. Hair, after all, plays an important role in boosting one’s self-image and confidence.

However, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. Alopecia, though not curable, can be treated. Moreover, there are plenty of hairstyling methods you can explore if you are an alopecia patient. For starters, you need to try these simple and fun styles to add that much-needed oomph to your look:

1. Wigs to let you wiggle your way out of your hair loss woes:

A wig is most suited for when you wish to hide your hair and make it look like you have not lost any, to begin with. Further, it is a protective styling choice to make and acts as a barrier for your scalp. Wigs are available in various forms and patterns with multiple coverage options, such as half wigs or three-quarter wigs. If you don a wig, you can play around with other hairstyles like braids, twists, bangs, etc.

2. Leave everything aside and get a weave:

If your hair texture is on the thicker side, weaves will work best for you. They are great if you are trying to grow your hair out. The process begins with getting your hair braided and covered by a netting cap. Then, the weave extension is sewed into the braided hair and net base. This is a scalp protecting process and that merits consideration.

3. Clip-Ins and Tape-Ins are also In:

These give a wig-like look to affected areas on the scalp and are directly clipped or stuck onto such patches. They are effective in adding volume to thinning areas. If you view wigs and weaves as heavy additions to your scalp that are difficult to manage, clip-ins and tape-ins, which are types of hair extensions, can come to your rescue.

4. Maybe you need a ponytail or bun, hun:

The thumb rule for buns and ponytails is that they should not be worn too tightly. Doing so will stress the hair out by pulling on it, which may lead to added hair loss. That being said, buns and ponytails are very easy to pull off at home for a casual chic look. If you want a fuller ponytail or bun, you could consider sporting a hair extension customized for the same. Also, leftover clip-ins can be used in the process to make the hairdo voluminous.

5. Accessories are a fashionista’s best friends:

If you would rather leave your hair untouched and in its natural state, do think about investing in some cute accessories to spice up your outfits. Let your inner Mama Africa out and invest in statement scarves, bandanas, and hats.

Apart from all of the above, ensure that self-care tops your list of things to do. Exercise daily to increase blood flow to your scalp. Set up a schedule of vitamin supplements in consultation with your doctor and help the hair recovery process by consuming vitamins and foods that enrich hair growth. More importantly, stay happy. The endorphins will only speed up your hair management process. Remember, you need to let your hair down every once in a while!

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