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by Vrinda

Posted on June 06, 2019

Hello Ladies,

To be perfectly honest, the term “wedding season” is rather unnecessary because no matter which part of the year you are in, you probably have a wedding coming up that you have to attend. Wedding season, thus, lasts all year long. When you have to attend a wedding, pondering over what you wear, how you do up your face, and last but certainly not the least, how you style your hair gives you substantial food for thought with a side of stress.

Perhaps the most exhausting and time consuming matter to sort out is styling your hair. At Happie Hair, we continuously receive a lot of queries from our lovely customers as to what to do with their hair extensions and how to style them to get that elegant wedding look. Follow these simple steps and you will certainly be able to rock cute and fun hairstyles with your hair extensions at any wedding you have to go to:

1. Half up, half down:

You could secure the top half of your hair and leave the bottom half loose. The top half could be styled into a loose bun or tied up into two braids such that one each begins from above each ear. Fasten the braids on the centre of your head with bobby pins. Cover the bobby pins with a cute hair accessory or flowers. The bottom half that is left down can be tonged into beachy waves. Clip-on or tape-in hair extensions work best for this look.

2. High or side bun:

Start by clipping your 4-clip hair extensions on in the upward direction. Once in place, bunch all your hair on your crown portion and tie it securely into a ponytail. Then, roll the ponytail in the anticlockwise direction so that eventually, you have a roll on your crown portion. The shorter hair that jut out from the base of the ponytail can be clipped into the roll. Tie the look up by spraying some setting spray onto the bun. If you want a side bun, the same procedure will apply. The only thing that will change will be the position of the ponytail, which will have to be placed on the nape of your neck on the right corner.

3. Braids:

Hair extensions are great for making braids. Make sure to detangle your original hair and the hair extension before you put it on. Also, keeping the braid loose and on one side of your head is highly recommended for a casual yet chic look. A fish braid is something you could try out if you have some time to spare before the event.

4. Ponytail:

A voluminous ponytail hair extension placed high up on your head not only transforms your look but is also super easy to carry for long hours. The best way to achieve the perfect ponytail is to get a customised ponytail extension. Once fastened, curl the hair in the ponytail into loose curls with a curling iron.

These styles are quite easy to achieve. For an even more fuss-free look, invest in a few coloured hair extension strands and add a fun splash of colour to your hair. With these coloured strands, you can keep your hair down without having to style it at all. Shop for coloured hair extension strands here. For more, visit

Until then, happie styling, ladies!

Lots of Love,