Choose the right extensions for you

by Vrinda

Posted on Nov 02, 2017

Hello Ladies,

There is a nip in the air…winter is round the corner!

This is the best season to wear hair extensions….you feel comfortable and lovely!!..bye bye humidity.

If you are planning to buy hair extensions for the first time, here are a few tips to keep in mind

1. The first question to answer is – Am I going to wear it daily or occasionally? If its for daily wear, go for the length and texture closest to your natural hair, so that you don’t have to style it each time you wear. If its for party wear or occasions then select a longer length …may be 4-6inches longer than your own hair …and you can also experiment with textures, coloured hair, highlights, lowlights the world is your oyster.

2. You can choose a colour closest to your hair colour or also one shade lighter if your hair is Jet black. It helps to create depth and looks voluminous.

3. Select the type of extension carefully…if its for daily wear, you can go for the Happie 4pcs set. Its gives you the option to wear only 2pcs or 3 or all 4 as per the hairstyle and mood.

4. Heavier Happie singlet which is a ear to ear piece is perfect for ladies who have volume at the back of the head and can are comfortable with the weight of the hair.

We at Happie Hair are always there to help you select the right pieces for your style, comfort and perfect look.

Besides we make sure you will wear it yourself without any assistance.

Hands-on trial is given so that you are confident of your purchases and happie!!

Your smile means the world to us…