New Year Resolution - Longer Thicker Hair with Zero Damage

by Vrinda

Posted on Jan 15, 2018

Hello Ladies,

Happy New Year!!

“ It’s our mission to celebrate women everyday, and inspire them to be the best version of themselves.”

I had always struggled with my own hair and was never able to find a solution that was manageable and that didn’t damage my own hair in the long run. I knew I wasn’t alone in this struggle.

When I started using Clip-on Hair Extensions I was blown away with the simplicity and ease of the solution. Clip-ons offer instant longer thicker hair without time-consuming hair extensions methods that can ultimately damage the hair and are expensive to maintain.

Happie Hair clip on extensions take only a couple of minutes to put in and are available in Ear-to- Ear and a 4 pcs set for a natural undetectable result and most of all its comfortable to wear all day long.

I took the entrepreneurial plunge in September 2015 focussing full time on the business to work on finding the easiest way to help women obtain thicker, longer hair that they have always wanted without all the sacrifice: I wanted the perfect solution.

85% of women who have bought Happie Hair clip on extensions have never even used hair extensions before was a wonderful experience to provide them a solution and seeing them happy made us happie!!

My vision is to build a company that inspires women to be the best versions of themselves. Its amazing what great hair does to a woman’s confidence and self-esteem, and we at Happie Hair want to create and share that with as many women as possible.

To learn more about Happie Hair – Hair Extensions Studio – visit or our store at UGB-20 Paragon Plaza, Phoenix Market City, LBS Rd, Kurla (W), Mumbai or email us at or Call us on 8369223872.