Smart Tips to Style Fine/Thin Hair

by Vrinda

Posted on March 12, 2018

Hello Ladies,

Let me share some beauty world secrets / Cheat sheet for fine / thin hair haircuts or styles this month…lets get down to work right away.

If you have thin fine hair of any texture please speak to your stylist about these points.

  • Don’t add layers in the back – this can take away from overall volume from the hair.
  • Do change your parting for more dimension.
  • Do add in colors /highlights for depth and volume and to hide greys.
  • Don’t cut bangs – they take away from the hair’s volume at the crown.
  • Do use Root Volumizing Spray and Stylers to naturally enhance volume of the cut.
  • Do add layers in the front to long cuts.
  • Do cut hair into a blunt. A single length creates the illusion of volume.
  • Don’t get cuts that require a lot of heat styling – this is damaging to fine and thin hair.
  • Add two clip small fillers at the crown or the temples rather than long extensions to get the blow dried effect in your hair.
  • Add extensions in layers rather than the ear-to-ear singlets. It is more comfortable as the weight of the extensions gets divided over the scalp.

These are all small tips which go a long way in deciding about your final look. Take it easy ladies….no stress about your tresses…happie hair to the rescue.

Lots of Love