by Hardika

Posted on September 10, 2019

Hello Ladies,

A haircut is always an emotional event for us ladies, a few snips of the scissors and it can make or break your mood and life for a few months! A good haircut or bad actually depends upon your face shape!!!!! Its as simple as that and most of us never even think about it, do we? Well then here’s what we’ve been missing out!!

Before you book an appointment for a haircut, try and determine your face shape. Take a ruler and measure if you want to be certain. Check the diagram below….

If the widths of your cheekbones, jawlines and brows are somewhat equal, then you have an oval face, which is the ideal face shape to have! If your jawlines and forehead are curving at the corners, then your face is definitely round! So whatever the shape you have there’s a perfect hairstyle for you, just waiting to happen.

Here is a checklist and celebrity reference that would help you make the best out of your face shape and get a hairstyle that would completely suit you.

Oval Face

If you have an oval-molded face, you and ALIA BHATT are a complete match. The haircut that would suit your face would be swept bangs and a medium length layered hairdo! Oval shape is the ideal face shape as its very balanced. In fact you can rock most hairstyles well. Even tied back tight bun or ponytail would enhance your features.


If you have a square molded face, you and KAREENA KAPOOR KHAN are slayin' the game. Pick haircuts that soften your facial structure. Long layers would completely suit your face. Long layers are particularly extraordinary combined with side-cleared bangs. An angular bob / blunt cut would also give you the sharp, polished look.


In the event that you have a round molded face, you and RANI MUKHERJI have a lovely face structure. Short haircut and messy updo’s would match your face structure. Make sure to include little volume to your crown area. Some of the hairstyle to avoid is tight ponytail which tends to make round faces look even rounder. Long loose layers will also add some length to your face and will be flattering.


In the event that you are here, you and DEEPIKA PADUKONE share something similar! The best haircuts for you, are layers that stop by your collarbone, with side-separated hair, or considerably mid length heaves! It highlights the cheekbones and frames the face, while the layers soften the chin ever so slightly. A few hairdos to stay away from are short bangs or very long hair.. A high layered ponytail is also a good choice to accentuate your features and jawline.


IF YOU HAVE OBLONG FACE THEN YOU AND KATRINA KAIF ARE SLAYING THE GAME. With this face shape, it's ideal to have some volume on the sides of your face, and mid-length fun waves are a generally excellent arrangement. Additionally a bob cut with jaw embracing layers is a tasteful pick for the shape of your face! Top it up with a side part and you are good to go!!

Now that the relationship between face shape and haircuts / hairstyles has been analysed, go for the best haircut and start shinning like a celebrity. You know that we at Happie Hair – Hair extensions studio are there for you to help you achieve that volume and length. Always for you. Always with you.

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To your hair success,

by Hardika.