Happie Hair - Micro Ring Loops extension……

by Hardika

Posted on November 13, 2019

Hello ladies,

In my last blog I cleared some myths related to hair extensions. This time I would like to clear the cloud about the most popular form of Permanent hair extensions which is the MICRO RING LOOPS EXTENSIONS.

It’s not only the most popular it’s also safe and least damaging. If you are someone who is looking for a permanent way out to get more length and volume consistently we highly recommend MICRO RING LOOPS…...

How are they Installed?

One gram of hair is attached to a small loop which is then pulled through a ring and pressure is applied on the ring. Each ring has a silicon lining which gently attaches to the hair. The installation can be of upto 40 loops, 70 loops, or 100-120 loops depending upon the length and volume desired.

Why to opt for Micro Ring Loop?

The answer to this question can be Micro ring loops are a perfect answer to decide on the off chance that you are constantly occupied and don't have that additional time to always remove and install extensions like clip ons.

Also, you should opt for Micro Ring Loops because you can reuse them.

These extensions last for 2-3 months needing to be reinstalled. This is done because your real hair grows 1.5 inches every 2-3 months and these extensions descends which can then be visible.

The Hair is refreshed and reinstalled. The same hair can be used for many rotations.

Micro Ring Loops can be styled?

Yes, you can definitely style the extensions with curlers and straighteners… This is because they are 100 % real hair extensions….
These extensions will help you to achieve good length and volume as well as you can make your favourite hairstyle….

How long should my hair be, in order to install the extensions?

So as to make your hair blend beautifully with the hair extensions, I recommend that your hair ought to be atleast shoulder length. The explanation behind this is that if your hair is excessively short, the micro beads will be unable to clips sturdily into the hair, and the beads may be visible through your short hair.

Should I give my hair a rest between rotations?

There is no need in the event if they are correctly applied and expelled, so our very own hair stays unharmed. At Happie Hair, we have an expert team to install Hair extensions. So if you're getting your hair done at our studio you “DON’T HAVE TO SWEAT IT”

Be joyful and leave it to us. We will make you look Sensational for sure

One lifesaver tip we would like to give you readers is always held yourself away from extensions that use glues because these can be truly harmful for your real hair.

Now that you are aware of MICRO RING LOOPS come & get it done from us and become a head-turner. Also, feel free to reach out to us if you have any hair related questions.

Because you know the fact, we at HAPPIE HAIR HAIR EXTENSION STUDIO are always for you & always with you.

by Hardika.